Submerged (alias of Kurt Gluck) is a Brooklyn-based DJ, bassist, founder of Ohm Resistance and co-founder of Obliterati, American avant garde drum and bass and experimental music labels, and a prolific multi-genre electronic music producer, first notable for his work with Grammy Award-winning bassist and producer Bill Laswell in creating drum and bass — jazz fusion projects including their band Method of Defiance, and The Blood of Heroes.


01.Kiko — Passport
02.Kiko ft. Mecha — Ronin
03.Impulse & Submerged — Dirty Bomb
04.Impulse & Submerged — Dirty Bomb (Skynet Remix)
05.Submerged & Kiko — Beyond Repair
06.Access & Plejik — Mental Collapse
07.Pendulum — Spiral
08.Submerged & Accela — Too Many Voices
09.Infiltrata & Breaker & Identity — Make Life Illa
10.Gigantor — The Haunting (Brooklyn)
11.Counterstrike & Sunchase — Stalker
12.Controlled Substance — Bounty Hunter
13.Submerged — Nausea
14.Fission — Luxor
15.Bill Laswell vs. Submerged — Whistleblower Body
16.Impulse & Submerged — Trapped
17.Rob F & Kiko — Beholder
18.Process — Fascination
19.Submerged ft. Sub.tera & Flea — Bar Brawl
20.Submerged ft. Sub.tera & Flea — Bar Brawl (Purple Unit Remix)
21.Flea — Devistate
22.Accela — Lost Highway
23.Submerged vs. Bill Laswell — Servant
24.Quoit vs. Submerged — El Topo (Submerged Kain VIP)
25.Submerged — Not Tomorrow or Never